Samsung Releases Two New Ads Highlighting Galaxy S 4 Features

Samsung is doing what other companies struggle to do: make good commercials with a focus on their product’s features. Samsung’s first ad is called Grad Photo, which shows off their new Eraser Shot feature. It allows you to remove people from photos by taking multiple photos. In the commercial, it allows the mother to remove a photobomber from the photo of the graduate.

The second commercial is for Easy Mode, which is a mode that simplifies the home screen for those who are not used to a smartphone. The kid gives the phone to his father with Easy Mode on, and he likes it.

These commercials are simple, not unpleasant (HTC…), and most importantly, show people why they would want Samsung’s products. This is the key to a good commercial: making someone want your product. But what do you think of these ads? Are they any good? Leave a comment!

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