Samsung Teases “Premiere 2013″ Unveiling Of New Samsung Galaxy And ATIV Devices

Screen Shot 2013-05-27 at 9.28.53 AM

Samsung announced early this morning a “premiere 2013” event to be held Thursday, June 20th in London to unveil new models for its Galaxy and ATIV device lineups. For those of us not on the other side of the pond, the device will be live-streamed on Samsung Mobile’s YouTube channel at

The teaser poster above is all that Samsung is showing off ahead of time (at least for now) at what we could expect to see come June 20th. So what will we see? Perhaps the Galaxy S 4 mini? Perhaps more than one device in Samsung’s Galaxy lineup? With so many rumored Android devices on the horizon for the world’s number 1 Android manufacturer, we could see multiple devices dropping all at once.

As for Samsung’s Windows Phone ATIV line, the company has yet to make much headway in the Windows space but perhaps they are ready to give it another go. If I’m not mistaken, it appears to be a laptop in the upper right corner of this image? That looks like a hinge and rubber pad at the bottom right so perhaps a tablet/laptop combination?

For now, our best guesses are the Galaxy S 4 Active, possibly the Galaxy S 4 mini and some sort of laptop unit.

What do you want to see Samsung unveil next month in London?


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