Shameless Teaser Post: You Can Win This HTC One…Details Coming Monday

2013-05-10 11.49.58

With some help from our friends at AT&T, we’re partnering up to give away “one” HTC One smartphone to “one” very lucky winner. This is a silver 32GB variant and it can be yours, if you visit DroidDog Monday afternoon. That’s right, today is just a tease and a look at the box which contains the device which can be yours…if you come back and visit DroidDog on Monday. Did I mention coming back Monday for the full detail rundown?

The terms? Tell your friends, or at least tell them how awesome we are at DroidDog to give away a smartphone. We’re still a small site, but we’re growing and we want your help and to show some appreciation, we’re giving this away to one lucky reader.

It all goes down 72 hours from now on, the very best up and coming Android site around.

Something you’d like to see DroidDog do around these parts that other sites aren’t doing or aren’t doing very well? Let us know and we’ll work to make those changes. After all, this is a site for the readers, by the readers so feel free to drop some thoughts.


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