Strange Photo Contains Rumored HTC M4, Sony Togari, And Nokia Lumia 1030

We really don’t know what to think of this. This photo contains three rumored devices in one, two of which are absolutely huge. The small one there looks like an HTC One, but looking closer, you can see it’s actually the rumored HTC M4, the little brother to the One (which was previously known as the M7). The white trim around the edges gives it away, and matches the leaked render we saw earlier.

But what about that giant device in the front, which makes the Galaxy Note II look like an iPhone? That seems to be the rumored Sony Togari, a 6.44 inch monster of a device. That display should be 1920×1080, but the size is what baffles me. How would you use that device? I wouldn’t mind trying it out for myself.

In the back, you’ll see a far less important Windows Phone device. It might be the Nokia Lumia 1030, judging by its size. The soft keys are really spread out, and the software has three columns instead of two (a rumored feature of a Windows Phone 8 update).

Is this photo real, or just messing with us? What are the odds of three rumored devices being on the same table? Why can’t we get better photos of all this? We have so many questions. Tell us what you think about this in the comments!

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