The Dog Park: Week Of April 29th

What a controversial week in the Android world. We found out that the AT&T version of the Samsung Galaxy S 4 has a locked bootloader with no official way to unlock it. Many people deemed it impossible to unlock it without a leak of the keys straight from Samsung. However, a developer managed to do it anyway, with a release after the Verizon model comes out (May 30th). Not only that, but a Google Glass member released a potentially offensive and very sassy response to recent media about Glass being “hacked and rooted.” It’s an interesting read.

April 29th
Samsung And Google Could Announce A New 11″ Nexus Tablet At Google I/O, How Much Bigger Does A Tablet Need To Be?
Samsung Posts Video About The Galaxy S 4 Design Story
Samsung Galaxy S 4 Now Available For T-Mobile For $150 Down
Samsung Performs Rendition Of Gangnam Style For Galaxy S4 Launch
Sprint Receiving More Inventory Of Galaxy S 4 Units
Samsung Announces The Galaxy Tab 3, 7 Inches Of Mediocrity
Android Design Chief Matias Duarte Commends Facebook Home
Google Glass Team Member Gets Sassy When Explaining That Google Glass Is Intentionally Unlocked
Samsung Galaxy S 4 Ships With 16GB Memory, Less Than 9 Usable

April 30th
Galaxy S 4 Cannot Read Original TecTiles, New Ones Coming Soon
AT&T Galaxy S 4 Bootloader Locked, Other Carrier Models Might Be Too
Judge Koh To Resume Samsung Vs Apple Trial This November
Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 Benchmarks Show Significant Improvement Over Tab 2 7.0
AT&T Offering $100 For Your Old Smartphone If You Sign A 2 Year Contract
Early Adopters, How Are You Liking Your Ones and S 4s?
Weather Station App Takes Advantage Of Galaxy S 4 Thermometer And Hygrometer
AT&T Launches LTE In 20 More Markets Around The US
Google Releases How-To Video For Google Glass
HTC One First Impressions

May 1st
AT&T Announces LG Optimus G Pro, Competition Heats Up
Cyanogen Brings CM10.1 To The Galaxy S 4, Impresses Us With Skill And Wit
HTC Re-Uploads The Design Story Of The HTC One
Render Of Lower End HTC M4 Leaked, Stays Faithful To Its Big Brother
Update: Dan Rosenberg May Have Unlocked The AT&T Galaxy S 4 Bootloader, But No Release Yet
Samsung May Be Deciding Between Three Different Galaxy Note III Designs
Official Twitter App Updated, This Time With Action Overflow
Tablet Market Sees Massive Growth In Q1 2013, Android Pulls Ahead

May 2nd
Buy An HTC One This Weekend, Get $100 To $375 For Your Old Smartphone
+Android Distribution Numbers Are In Again, Not Too Much Has Changed
Pop-Out Google Keep App For Chrome Now Available
Google Adds Remote Desktop Control To Hangouts
Koush Creates Auto Rooting Recovery For HTC One Because Wil Wheaton Had Trouble Rooting
(Update: May 3rd) AT&T Updating The Original Galaxy Note To 4.1.2, With Multi Window And All
Instagram Updated With Tagging People In Photos, Other Improvements
Carbon Backup Renamed To Helium, App Updated
Could The Leaked “XFON ATT” Be The Motorola X Phone?

May 3rd
AT&T Puts Up LG Optimus G Pro For Pre-Order, Ships It May 7th
LG Rumored To Be Making The Next Nexus Phone, Maybe Other Hardware For Google
Nook HD And HD+ Getting Official Google Play Support Via OTA
Verizon Galaxy Note II Updated To 4.1.2 With Improved Multi Window Support
Google Fiber Coming To Shawnee, Kansas, Maybe To Raytown Missouri
Action Launcher Pro Updated With New Way To Add Items To Homescreen
Gmail Now Allows Adding Time References To Google Calendar
Samsung Releases Commercial For Galaxy S 4 Showing Off Its New Features

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