Twitter For Android Updated With New Compose Window, Rich Notifications

Twitter for Android is a pretty conflicting app. It doesn’t have the best design nor the best function, yet it’s the only Android Twitter app with push notifications (that I know of). Plus, with a recent update to comply with Holo UI standards, it doesn’t look half bad. But it seems that Twitter has been serious about improving their app lately, as each update has brought something new.

The newest update changes the compose window to a full screen one, with a flatter look to it. It also puts images below your text, so you can see how your tweet will look when posted. Picking photos is also easier now. They also added rich notifications now show a profile photo of the person interacting with you, along with multiple interactions if they exist (read: if you have friends). Here is a full changelog:

The new Tweet composer makes it easier to share with quick access to your camera roll and clear previews of how your Tweets will appear. Also:
• Richer notifications now include details like avatars and indicate how people are interacting with you (reply, retweet, etc.) for devices running Android 4.0 and higher,
• Enjoy wider and taller timelines in all parts of the app including profiles, search, and Discover.
• Receive a notification when a friend has joined Twitter.

Twitter for Android is getting better very fast, and I’ve noticed people switching to it from third party apps quite often. However, Twitter still has a lot of work to do before it’s perfect. What do you think of the current state of Twitter for Android? Tell us in a comment!

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