Verizon Galaxy S III Will Get Update With Multi-Window Soon

Poor US Galaxy S III‘s. They’ve lived such a neglected life. With the international models long updated to 4.1.2 with multi-window support, US models were left in the dust. Eventually, the T-Mobile model was updated with multi-window, but it’s been a while. Verizon is finally going to push this update out to its users, and it’ll be good.

The update isn’t all that big, feature wise, and only 129.1MB size wise. The device stays on 4.1.2, and has a build of VRBMD3. However, it brings in some new features that were previously not available. As you know, multi-window is awesome, and I can promise you that it’s no gimmick.


On top of that, you get a bunch of bug fixes, as all updates provide. It’ll definitely be a good update once it starts rolling out. Since the documentation is already posted, the update should start rolling out this week. How many of you are excited to get this update?

Verizon | PhoneDog

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