Verizon’s Newest Update For The Galaxy S III Causing Serious Issues For Some

If you remember, we wrote about a new Verizon Galaxy S III update that was rolling out. This update contained multi-window, a very worthy reason to update your device. However, it seems that the update is causing some very serious issues for some owners of the device. The biggest issue seems to be with connectivity: the device tends to lose 4G LTE and won’t connect again without a restart or a toggle of airplane mode. Some actually lose signal altogether, it depends on the case.

Another issue is with the new piece of bloatware: Caller Name ID. It’s an app with a free trial, but people are reporting that it automatically subscribed them to the service without them opting in. Keep in mind that though it is a free trial, it’ll automatically charge you $2.99 a month after the trial is over. The only way to disable it is to go on Verizon’s website and check the features you are subscribed to. If this is happening, you might want to disable this app on your device in Settings.

More issues related to this update are incredibly slow data speeds, even on 4G, and of course battery drain. Any signal issues will start causing battery drain, and it seems people are reporting some serious problems with battery life and even heat.

Until this update has been proven fine, or a new one has come out to fix it, you should avoid installing this update on your Galaxy S III. If you already have updated, tell us how your device is doing. We hope you’re one of the unaffected people, as our own Nick Sarafolean updated and has not had any issues.


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