Video Demos Android 4.3′s New Camera App

We just saw what could be our first look at more than just the About phone screen of Android 4.3. A Nexus 4 running a build of Android 4.3 was spotted at a mobile expo in Thailand, and apparently someone took a video of the new camera app!

The app retains the same gesture of pressing anywhere on the screen to see the controls, but gets rid of the unintuitive circle of settings. Before, it would be in a full circle, with your finger covering part of it. Now, holding your finger down creates a fan of settings above it, which is a far better design decision. Also, the two buttons flanking the shutter button are closer to the center than on 4.2. Otherwise, the camera app doesn’t look very different.

It’s great to take a look at a feature of Android 4.3 before its release. What do you guys think of this new camera app? Is it a good update, or does it need more? Tell us in the comments!

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