What’s On Your Homescreen Brooks?

What’s On Your Homescreen? is back with another homescreen. This time I wouldn’t call it wildly different from Dima’s as compared to Steve’s, but now it’s my turn to show off my homescreen:

Brooks Homescreen

The biggest contributor to how I organize and use my Nexus 4‘s homescreen has to be Action Launcher.  Chris Lacy sent me a review version of Action Launcher when he first released the launcher for a review, and I haven’t looked back since.  The launcher itself has changed a bit since I first reviewed it, but fundamentally it’s still the same and I just really enjoy how it allows be to interact with the phone.  First, you may notice I don’t have a shortcut to the app drawer on my homescreen.  Action Launcher allows me to just swipe my homescreen from left to right to open up the app drawer.  This allows me to have an extra app shortcut in the dock, and with this type of setup I only use 1 homescreen.  I have no need for more than one.  The apps I use the most are right there in the dock, and the quick access app drawer allows me to access any other app I need to quickly.

The next feature that’s unique and super useful in regards to Action Launcher is Covers.  If you haven’t already noticed, all the apps in my dock have a little square in the bottom right corner.  This indicates all the app shortcuts I have there are Covers.  These Covers are basically folders with icons of whatever app was in the folder first.  This isn’t all.  Now, when you hit that cover icon, it will open that app that is first in line in the folder or, if you double-click or swipe up on the Cover, it will now open the folder.  What I love most about covers is the clean uniform look it brings to my homescreen and the functionality it brings to the folders.  So, I love the way I’m able to quickly access everything from my ONE homescreen, and I love the uniformity Action Launcher allows me in my dock.

Action Launcher Homescreen Brooks

Lastly, if you want to know what’s in my dock, I just use the stock dialer as the front of my first cover.  Before I go on, you may be interested to know I’m using the Stark icon pack by kovdev which I think is absolutely fantastic.  Within my dialer cover I have direct dial shortcuts to people I call a lot like my wife.  Within my messaging cover, I have Hangouts, Google Voice, and direct message for my wife.  I have an email cover, social media cover, browser cover, and kind of a misc. cover with the stock camera app as the outside of my last cover because I like quick access to the camera to take pictures of the kids.  Within that cover, I have Spotify and Google Maps in there which are apps I use a lot.

Other items of note on my homescreen: I’m currently running CM10.1 RC2 build, and I use the CircleMod battery level indicator with percentage.  I’m using RoundR for the retro rounded edges look.  My wallpaper with the motorcycle is from simpledesktops.com.  I love that website for wallpapers for my phones and computers.  Lastly, I’m currently running the stock clock app from Android 4.2, Jelly Bean.  I sometimes switch between this clock and DashClock.  With this wallpaper, I’m using the analog Jelly Bean clock because it looks better with the setup in my opinion.

So, what do you think of my homescreen? Readers have been using DropBox with previous home screen posts to share their rad homescreens.  We’d love to see more of your homescreens, especially if you’re also using Action Launcher. I’d love to see how you set thing up with that launcher or any other launcher.  Just post the link in the comments below and let us know what you think!

Device: Nexus 4
Launcher: Action Launcher Pro
Icon Pack: Stark

Falcon Pro
Chrome Browser
Google Voice

Stock Android 4.2 Clock Widget

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