What’s On Your Homescreen? Dima Aryeh

What’s On Your Homescreen? is back with another homescreen, wildly different from the previous one. It’s my turn to brag, so here is my home screen:

On my main device, the Samsung Galaxy Note II, I’m a huge fan of consistency, and my icon pack reflects that. Every icon in the Glasklart icon pack is uniform and gray, which really suits my taste. This is on top of Nova Launcher Prime, which allows me to modify the accent color to gray instead of the Holo blue. Plus it’s smooth and very customizable, making it my favorite launcher (tied with Action Launcher Pro).

My dock is fairly generic. Stock dialer, Chrome, app drawer icon, stock messaging, and stock music app. Most of this is from TouchWiz, which I quite enjoy. Then I have stock calendar, stock camera, Falcon Pro (which I use alongside the stock Twitter app), and a folder of four more apps I use. I prefer to keep them in a folder for a clean, uniform look. Inside are stock gallery, Gmail, Play Store, and S Note.

My only widget is HD Widgets with the Colourform test pack (yeah, I should really buy the full version). It’s a simple setup, but in my opinion, it looks pretty damn sweet. Now to change the battery icon to something a little less colorful. What do you think? And we’d love to see your homescreens. Upload it to a photo sharing service (Dropbox comes to mind) and link it in the comments!

Device: Samsung Galaxy Note II
Launcher: Nova Launcher (Prime)
Icon Pack: Glasklart Go Nova Apex Theme

Falcon Pro

HD Widgets
Colourform (HD Widgets Theme)