What’s On Your Homescreen? Steve Raycraft

Welcome to the first installation of our new series What’s On Your Homescreen?  A new series providing you insight into the personalities of the various writers on droiddog.com by taking a look at the homescreen for their daily device.  First up is Steve Raycraft.

Steve Homescreen

Welcome to my homescreen.  As you notice, there is not much to it.  I’m a big fan of the ‘minimalist’ style of Homescreen.   I really enjoy nature wallpapers and do not want my screen cluttered with icons covering the image.   Let’s take a look at the few icons on the screen.

My launcher of choice is Nova Launcher.  It’s simple, highly customizable, and well supported.  Instead of sticking with the default icons, I chose to install an icon pack called Pushy Icons by Samantha Conner.  They look sharp and I haven’t installed an application yet that didn’t have the icon themed.  I’ve used icon sets before and hated it when the icons didn’t have a consistent theme.

The first icon at the bottom is my dialer.    I love experimenting with new applications and really enjoyed the ExDialer app as a replacement for the stock dialer.  There are numerous themes available, but what I find most appealing about the dialer is that I can swipe to the right to call the person in my call history or swipe to the left to text.

The middle app is the icon for the App drawer.  Over time, I’ve developed a habit of opening the app drawer and launching an app from there instead of creating a shortcut on my homescreen.  This fact is another reason I use Nova Launcher.  Nova Launcher Prime allows me to create folders inside the app drawer so I can easily organize all my apps.

Finally, you see the Google Voice icon.  To save money I’ve moved away from standard text messaging apps and use Google Voice exclusively.  I know I do not have the ability to send multimedia text with Google Voice, but I’ve also never had the desire to to send or receive that type of message.  Additionally, I love the fact that Google Voice has a Chrome extension so I can send text messages through my browser.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.  As I mentioned before, I’m always up for trying new apps, so make sure you let me know if there are better alternatives to the apps discussed.  You will find the Play Store links to these applications below:

Device: HTC Thunderbolt
Launcher: Nova Launcher
Icon Set: Pushy Icons

Let us know your thoughts on this series and if there is anything specific that you’d like to see.

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