White Nexus 4 Caught On Video At A Qualcomm Booth In Dubai

What stranger place to find an unreleased device than an official Qualcomm booth? At a conference in Dubai, Qualcomm set up a booth with a white Nexus 4. It has the exact same design as all the previous leaks did, with a white back with the reflective back plate and a black bezel in the front. However, it only runs 4.2 instead of the standard 4.2.2 on all other Nexus devices. This might be a Qualcomm-optimized build for show, but we don’t know.

A sighting at a Qualcomm booth really solidifies its legitimacy, so it’s extremely unlikely that the previous leaks are fake. However, we still know absolutely nothing about the device, like a release date. Maybe they’ll release it at I/O for a mid year refresh, like Samsung does with its devices. Maybe these are discontinued models just showing up in various places. We don’t know. What’s your best theory?

Tech View | Android Central

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