White Nexus 4 Coming On June 10th With Android 4.3

It looks like the white Nexus 4 is real! The folks at Android and Me have obtained a white Nexus 4 from Google at I/O and have confirmed a release date: it’s coming June 10th! Our suspicions were correct as far as saying that the new color is just a mid year refresh. And boy does it look good.

Not only that, but this new Nexus 4 comes with a new version of Android to match: Android 4.3. It’s just another version of Jelly Bean, and may be the smallest update yet. We know pretty much nothing about it, but it’s rumored that it will get Bluetooth low power support. Otherwise, nothing else is really known for sure. We hope it’ll contain the standard improvements in UI, with better animations and more logical button placement (as every update so far has done).

Since the Nexus 4 in white is coming June 10th, the update rollout for other Nexus 4′s and maybe even other Nexus devices should start around there. We’re excited to see what Google has in store for us with this update, and we love the idea of a white Nexus 4 (especially with a black front!). Would you buy the white model?

Android and Me

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