16 GB White Nexus 4 Out Of Stock In Google Play Store

White Nexus 4 Out of Stock

And just like that, it’s gone.  We knew the white Nexus 4 was a limited edition device, but I sure didn’t expect it to be out of stock this fast.  But then again, with Google’s track record for keeping these Nexus 4s in stock, why would I expect any different.  The white Nexus 4 suddenly appeared in the Google Play Store last Friday, and three days later the 16 gb Nexus 4 is out of stock.  If you think you could manage with the 8 gb of on-board non-expandable memory, it’s still there.  Also, if you’re on T-Mobile and you’re itching for the 16 gb white version, it’s currently still available to order online.  OR, if you’re not worried about the back of your Nexus 4 being white, the 16gb black Nexus 4 is also there for you.

No word on if this 16 gb white Nexus 4 will be back in stock.  It is a limited edition device, but it seems like it’s rather popular judging by being sold out in few days.  Hopefully Google orders a few more for those of your who were on the fence and hadn’t purchased one yet.

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