AT&T Changes Upgrade Policy, Now 24 Months Rather Than 20 Months

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In a bit of sad news, AT&T has decided to follow in Verizon’s footsteps and change their upgrade policy to only allow an upgrade every 24 months. It was originally 20 months so this is a bit of a significant change. But on the bright side, if your contract ends before March of 2014, you can still upgrade at 20 months before then.

AT&T also made a list of people’s upgrade options and we did note that they mention that a customer who has completed six months of their contract will be eligible for a partial discount on the full retail price of a device. Things like bringing your own device and sharing upgrades are still around so no need to worry about those. Here’s the full list of upgrade options:

  • Purchase a subsidized device with a new two-year wireless agreement.  You will be eligible to upgrade your device at the subsidized price after 24 months.
  • Share an upgrade.  Share an upgrade with another person on your account provided it is within the same device category (e.g. phone to phone, tablet to tablet, etc.)
  • Early upgrades.  Once you’ve completed six months or more of your Service Commitment, you qualify for partial discount off the full retail price when you sign a new two-year wireless agreement.
  •  Trade-in.  Take advantage of our trade in program. And, for a limited time, when you trade in your current smartphone (three years or newer and in good working condition), you could receive at least $100 off the purchase of a new smartphone.1
  • Purchase a device at full retail price.  You can pay full retail price for a phone anytime without a two-year Service Commitment.
  • Bring your own device.  You’re welcome to bring a compatible GSM-capable phone to AT&T and sign up for service without a Service Commitment.

So there you have it, AT&T’s new upgrade policy. How do you feel about these changes?


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