AT&T Teases Galaxy S 4 Active With Video Of One Being Dropped Into Water

It looks like AT&T is in on teasing their newest upcoming waterproof phone, just like T-Mobile did earlier with the Xperia Z. Except their video was a lot more professional… and really really obvious. The video shows what is obviously a Samsung Galaxy S 4 Active being put into some sort of claw hanging above a container of water. The video then focuses on the buttons at the bottom, three physical buttons that match official photos exactly. It is then dropped.

With slow mo shots of splashing water and the device getting a call while underwater, it perfectly illustrates why you would want a device like that. It’s a good way to build hype, we’ll give AT&T that. Then it teases us, telling us that we’ll find out more on the 13th, which happens to be tomorrow.

To refresh your memory, the Galaxy S 4 Active is nearly identical to the standard Galaxy S 4, having a 1.9GHz quad core Snapdragon 600 processor, 2GB of RAM, 16GB of storage, 2,600 mAh battery, and more. However, unlike the Galaxy S 4, it uses an LCD instead of an AMOLED panel (though it’s still 5 inches and full HD), and has an 8MP camera instead of a 13MP one. Those are still some badass specs, especially for a phone that’s rugged and made out of metal.

Those of you screaming about build quality being important, here is Samsung catering to you. AT&T customers, keep an eye on DroidDog tomorrow for more info as it comes along! Who’s excited to see the S 4 Active come to the US?


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