[Update: Probably Not] BlackBerry Messenger Coming To Android June 27th, According To T-Mobile UK

BlackBerry recently announced that their famous BlackBerry Messenger is coming to Android, and with any announcement without a release date, rumors started flying. However, it seems that T-Mobile UK may have let their tongue slip on Twitter. The T-Mobile UK Twitter (@TMobileUK) posted this tweet earlier today:

Great news – BlackBerry Messenger will be available to download on iOS and Android from June 27th! :) #BBM pic.twitter.com/PbG1uknM3h

The tweet has since been deleted. We wonder how BlackBerry feels about having the release date leaked when they were keeping it secret for a reason. That is, if this is the real release date at all. Do we trust a random tweet from T-Mobile UK? It could be an uninformed representative. Either way, it’s a possibility that it is correct.

If BlackBerry Messenger comes to Android, we could see a good amount of people using it. However, it would rid BlackBerry devices of one of their few competing edges in the current market. Sure, they have other things going for them, but Messenger was a huge selling point. We’re not sure how this would end up helping BlackBerry, but we’ll see. How many of you will be using BBM when it comes out? Leave a comment!

Update: It seems that the June 27th release date has been debunked. I guess the T-Mobile rep was just tweeting out a rumor they heard, which explains the deleted tweet. That’s too bad, but we hope to see BBM launch soon.

Update 2: T-Mobile UK finally commented on the issue. So it’s a mistake after all.

Sorry folks, we got over-excited about the #BBM app coming to Android / iOS. No specific availability date yet, stay tuned for details

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