Deal: Get Next Launcher 3D For Free (But It Doesn’t Save To Your Google Account)

Next Launcher 3D is the Go Launcher Dev Team’s attempt at a 3D launcher, and we gotta say, it’s as flashy as you can imagine. With big icons, extreme effects, and the whole “glassy” look, it’s the exact opposite of sleek and low key. But maybe you like that. Maybe you want a switch up from your old, boring launcher. Well today, you can get the full version of Next Launcher 3D for free, saving yourself a substantial $16.

First, hit the source link and install the Lite version of the app. Get to the home screen, press menu (either the physical button or the very right button in the dock), Preferences, About Full Version, and hit the activate button. The account name is “nextlauncher3d” and the code is “appoftheday” all without quotes. It should unlock right after, and you have the full version to play with!

However, keep in mind that this isn’t permanent. If you factory reset, or change phones, it’s gone. We suggest backing it up on your current device, with something like Helium for unrooted users or either Helium or Titanium Backup for rooted users, because you don’t want to accidentally lose it. Sure, it’s not the perfect method of getting the app for free, but you got it for free. Don’t complain!

The code only works today, so get on it! Hit the source link to get started, then follow our directions. Then enjoy! There are some pretty sweet features, so don’t give up: give it some time, play with the options, and you’ll find some cool stuff to show off to friends. Leave a comment telling us what you think of the launcher in the comments!

Play: Next Launcher 3D Lite | Android Police

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