Facebook Giving Up On The HTC First, Saying You Can Disable Facebook Home

It seems that Facebook has finally admitted defeat. Facebook and HTC announced the HTC First early April, with Facebook Home pre-installed. Even though it was almost the same as the Play Store version of Facebook Home, it also had notification management from the lockscreen. It was the second Facebook phone released in the US, but this one actually had an interface centered around Facebook. With nice mid end specs and a low $99 price tag on AT&T, it seemed like a good option for many even if it wasn’t quite for us.

But why would you buy a mid end Facebook phone when you can buy a Galaxy S III and install Facebook Home on it? That was what may have killed the device: it had no exclusivity period for Facebook Home. There was no compelling reason to buy the device aside from the stock build of Android underneath, but that doesn’t appeal to a normal consumer. AT&T soon dropped the price from $99.99 to $0.99 on contract, and many people thought it was the end for the device. That thought was solidified when HTC and Facebook cancelled the launch of the device in the UK.

This seems to be the final nail in the coffin though: Facebook itself is telling you that you can turn off Facebook Home on your HTC First. I think that’s really sad, seeing a company abandon its own product like that. But I guess that is the fate of the most recent and probably last Facebook phone. What do you guys think of the HTC First being abandoned? Leave a comment.

9 to 5 Google

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