Google Glass Update Takes Better Photos, Allows Captioning Photos With Voice

Google says that Google Glass will get an update every month that will automatically apply itself. This month’s update looks to be a good one, as it greatly improves image quality. Instead of taking one photo when the shutter button is pressed, it’ll take multiple photos that it can use to combine into a better low light shot or even an HDR shot. Not only is this all automatic, but it seems to work very well from Google’s sample shots.

We’ve heard reports that this new software tends to soften photos, but if it’s a byproduct of getting clearer low light shots or getting more dynamic range into shots, I think it’s worth it. I’m of the belief that Google Glass is meant to capture moments exactly as you see them, with no set up or room for error. If your photo comes out soft but bright in low light, it’s better than a dark but sharper photo, or an entirely missed photo opportunity. This may not apply to a smartphone, but for Google Glass, I say it’s worth it

They also included a new way to caption photos. While sharing a photo, you can tap the touchpad when asked to add a caption, and you can just speak. It’s pretty simple.

It seems Google Glass is getting better monthly, which is great for consumers. The device is not ready to be sold, but it’s getting there quite fast. The update also includes many more small improvements, so those of you who own a pair of Glass should see a better performing device. To see a gallery of how the update improves image quality, hit the source link to the Project Glass Google+ page. But those of you who don’t have a pair, what do you think of this newest update? Leave your thoughts in a comment!

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