Google Plans On “Changing Rankings” For Sites That Treat Smartphones Badly

Some sites just treat mobile devices like crap. In a new blog post, Google discusses two mistakes that some sites still make when dealing with mobile devices, and we all know how it feels like. The first issue they discuss is explained in the photo above. When you click on any specific part of a site, and it notices you’re on mobile, it redirects you to the homepage instead of the mobile version of the actual page you were clicking on. Those sites are infuriating and borderline unusable. It doesn’t matter whether that page is even available on mobile or not, it shouldn’t ever take you to the homepage.

Another mistake some sites make that Google talks about is errors for smartphones. For example, pages should never give you errors if they are not available on mobile with the same URL; they should redirect you to the proper page. Also, Google would rather sites show desktop pages than giving an error when the mobile page isn’t available. And lastly, mobile pages should not have unplayable content, like Flash.

Google says they are planning “to roll out several ranking changes in the near future that address sites that are misconfigured for smartphone users.” Sounds like a threat to me! They may be planning to lower the rank of these types of sites in searches to create a better (read: usable) experience for mobile users. Good thinking, Google! For more info, hit the source link!

Google Webmaster Central

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