Google Play Music Update Offers Better Bandwidth Management

With everything moving to the cloud, people have been quickly transitioning to streaming music instead of keeping it locally. While I’m still old fashioned and keep it on a microSD card, I know a lot of people who use Google Play Music to stream their library. But there is a huge limiting factor in streaming: data allotment.

Yes, two of the biggest carriers in the US don’t even offer unlimited data anymore. Our data limits keep us always on the watch, lest we be charged for overages. To help with that, the newest update to the Google Play Music app for Android comes with settings for mobile network bandwidth usage. Not only that, but actual data usage has been reduced too.

Less important, search has been improved and downloading music to your device is now much faster. If you’re one who streams music a lot, download this update immediately! Hit the source link or open the Play Store on your device and get to downloading, and tell us what you think!

Play: Google Play Music

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