Google Purchases Waze For An Undisclosed Amount

Waze is a mapping app for both iOS and Android developed in Israel which focuses on community based mapping and outsmarting traffic. The app records roads and traffic as you drive, creating a community based map that uses everyone’s data to make everyone’s commute much easier. Apparently, Google sees a lot of value in it because they have just purchased the company for an undisclosed amount!

For the moment, Google says they will keep the Waze and Google Maps products completely separate. The dev team will continue working on the app. However, Google plans to enhance Google Maps with all the data that came with the Waze acquisition. And if Google Maps gets better than it already is, we’ll be thrilled. Maps has occasionally put me into horrible traffic, so I’m excited to see what they can do using Waze.

Google Blog | Play: Waze | Android Police

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