HTC One Only $79.99 For New Sprint And AT&T Customers, $99.99 For Upgrades On Amazon

The HTC One is a great device, with its beautiful 1080p SLCD 3 display and its full metal construction. But what could make it better? A sale, of course! Amazon Wireless is having a huge deal on the One for both AT&T and Sprint just today, with the price being as low as $79.99 with a new two year contract. This is for both carriers for new customers only. If you are a returning customer with an upgrade, you’ll have to pay $99.99.

Either way, it’s an absolutely fantastic price compared to AT&T and Sprint store pricing of $199.99 on contract. Plus, you get free two day shipping even without Amazon Prime! So hit the source links, being mindful to choose the right carrier and your preferred color (the black models are in on the deal too!). Enjoy!

Amazon: AT&T HTC One (Silver) | AT&T HTC One (Black) | Sprint HTC One (Silver) | Sprint HTC One (Black)
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