HTC Posts Latest Stock RUU For The One Dev Edition

Everyone who modifies the software on their phones knows the importance of a stock image. All of you, at least once, messed up and soft bricked your device. And when I say at least once, I mean dozens of times, then proceeded to spend all night trying to fix it. It happens to the best of us. That’s why you keep a stock image around: if things go south, you can always flash back to stock.

HTCDev has just released the newest stock RUU for their HTC One Developer Edition. This version, 1.29.1540.16, is newer than what they previously offered from April (it ended with .3). HTC is keeping on top of developer tools, which is great, because their reputation with developers hasn’t always been the best. We’re glad to see them working hard to please the vocal minority.

HTCDev | Phandroid

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