HTC’s Revenue Jumps A Massive 48% In May

HTC’s revenue has been steadily falling every month, but starting in March, their revenue has slowly been going up. It hasn’t been much, being amount 4 billion NT a month, but now they seem to have a big increase in profits. May brought in 29 billion NT, a whopping 48.03% change over last month and bringing in 10 billion more than the previous month, or about $334 million in US dollars. And shockingly, they’re only 3.35% down year over year, compared to last month’s 37%. The HTC One must be doing some good!

With their revenue going up again, it looks like HTC is not going to leave us. Even with staff departing left and right, it seems that HTC has what it takes to become big again. But can they take the number one spot from Samsung? We shall see, but for now, we’re happy to see HTC succeeding. Are you?

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