“Incognito Mode” Coming To CyanogenMod Soon For Added Privacy

People never stop being concerned with privacy, and that’s a wonderful thing. With all the recent controversies, people are seeking new ways to protect themselves. And where is most of our private information stored? Aside from our computers, it’s all on our mobile phones. Bank apps, stored passwords, emails, photos, contacts, everything is on there. And what’s to stop a malicious app from stealing it all?

While this doesn’t apply to malicious apps, it can protect you from apps collecting data you don’t want them to have. Cyanogen is working on a new feature called Incognito Mode that will be an option in app settings to run apps without exposing private data. It will give empty lists for contacts, calendar, browser history, and messages when requested by the application, as well as say that the GPS is off. You won’t be able to customize how incognito mode works, due to a previous privacy tool in CM7 causing many problems with apps. And lastly, IMEI spoofing is not included, so it will show your real IMEI.

A lot of these restrictions were imposed to keep app devs happy. The old privacy system used to break apps completely, crashing them when data was not given, and garbage data just messes with a developer’s stats. This way gives you privacy and keeps devs happy. If devs want to honor this new API, they can. And if they don’t want to, they can just display photos of cats for you. Clever API. So what do you think of incognito mode? Would you use it? Leave a comment!

+Steve Kondik

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