Intel Hasn’t Broken Into US Market Due To Lack Of LTE, According To Intel Exec

As you’ve probably noticed, we haven’t had any Intel powered Android phones in the US. Europe got the Motorola RAZR i (the Intel brother of the RAZR M), along with other not so well known devices. There are also quite a few Intel smartphones announced to come out internationally, but it doesn’t seem like any plans have been made to bring them to the US. Why is that?

An Intel executive claims that the reason is the lack of LTE in Intel chips. “We can’t get ranged by U.S. carriers without LTE, so once we have multimode LTE coming to market later this year, we have an opportunity to compete in that business.” It’s true that US carriers now only sell LTE phones, so that makes sense. International carriers often don’t even have LTE networks, so their priorities are very different.

It’s good to see that Intel is close to integrating LTE into their chips. We want them to succeed in the US, simply so we can have more choice in the devices we buy. And with the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 rocking an Intel processor, we could see Intel getting a lot more popular when a large manufacturer like Samsung has their back. Are you excited to see Intel mobile processors come to the US? Leave a comment!

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