Nexus 7 Dock No Longer In Stock On The Play Store

We don’t know what happened, but the Nexus 7 official dock is now gone from the Play Store. The only thing remaining is a barren page saying “Nexus 7 Dock is not available in your country.” We waited so long for this accessory, we went through so much, and now it’s gone. What could this mean?

Well, the easiest thing to assume is that the dock has been discontinued. This could be for multiple reasons, like poor sales, or even the first step in discontinuing the Nexus 7 itself. The device is quite old by technology standards, and is due for a refresh. Maybe Google is readying the Play Store for its successor with a little cleanup. However, the cover for the Nexus 7 is still available.

Or it could simply be a mistake. The dock could go back on sale at any time, for all we know, so we should wait for word or action from Google before concluding that it’s doomed. Hopefully they’ll release a statement of sorts soon, because we’re really curious. What do you think happened?

Play Store | Android Police

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