Nova Launcher Starts Beta Testing Through Google+ Communities

Yesterday it was Falcon Pro, and today it’s Nova Launcher. TeslaCoil Software, the team behind Nova, has adopted Google’s new method of beta testing Play Store apps by using Google+ Communities. If you want to join in, hit the source link and join the community with your Google+ account. Next, you’ll have to opt into beta testing, and starting from there, the Play Store will push beta updates to you just like the standard app would update.

TeslaCoil’s previous beta testing method had you download the APK through the Play Store app, which soon became against Google’s terms of service. This new method is far more elegant. If you’d like to opt out at any time, you can just visit the same page and leave the test. You’ll have to uninstall and reinstall the app to get to the official version, but it’s that easy. Hit the source links to give it a try!

Nova Launcher Beta CommunityPlay: Nova Launcher

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