Play Store Adds Cheaper Shipping Options, Saver And Ground

The Play Store has been offering two day shipping since it started shipping products in general, but a lot of people would rather save some cash and wait. I’m not the impatient type and gladly get super saver shipping on Amazon for free, even if it means waiting 8 business days sometimes. So I’m happy to see that Google has added two new shipping options to the Play Store: Saver and Ground.

Saver is 5-10 business days, while Ground is 3-5 business days. This is quite a huge change from the standard 1-2 day shipping from before, but it’s also significantly cheaper. Accessories offer all three types of shipping: The Nexus 7 cover has the options of saver shipping for $4.99, ground for $7.99, and 2 day for $11.99. Quite a good savings.

The Nexus 7 itself doesn’t offer saver shipping, but ground will cost you $9.99 instead of the $13.99 two day. Sure, a few bucks doesn’t seem like much, but it all builds up. We’re happy to see more options, especially cheaper ones! Would you use the cheaper options, or do you prefer to go straight for the fastest shipping and swallow the price hike? Tell us in the comments!

Play Store | Droid-Life

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