Root: Free HTC First SIM Unlock Now Available

The HTC First is a good little phone. With pure stock Android in a small size with some competent specs, it could please most people. If you want to learn more about it, read our full review! And for rooted users, a simple unlock method has been released.

Using the unlock code given inside the phone itself, it is possible to SIM unlock the device without having to pay or give your phone to anyone. You’ll have to do a bit of work with a hex editor, but it really isn’t difficult at all.

But why is this useful, you may ask. Well it’s simple. With the HTC First dying out, and possibly being abandoned completely, it would be a great budget device you can buy off eBay for $250. Plus, with stock Android, it’ll be fairly popular with some budget enthusiasts, and a development scene could come about to keep the device alive. But even if not, they’ll drop in value and be nice prepaid devices. So this SIM unlock has a good purpose. Hit the source link for full instructions, and only do this at your own risk!

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