Samsung CEO Tells The World That A Mirrorless “Galaxy Camera 2″ Will Be Launched Next Week


Last year’s Samsung Galaxy Camera was an interesting concept that garnered mixed reviews. In some ways, it was nice with quick sharing and editing and such. In other ways, it fell short by having images that didn’t really stand out very much as well as being stamped with a high price tag. The photos were higher resolution and had zoom used in them but they weren’t anything spectacular. This year, Samsung hopes to really make their mark with a new Galaxy Camera that, if Samsung’s CEO is to be believed, will be of a mirrorless design.

JK Shin reported to The Korea Times, “Samsung will release our latest mirrorless camera that runs on Google’s Android software.” This could be a really intriguing concept if done right. Quick sharing from a mirrorless camera would be a fantastic feature to have and if it can also have the full power of Android, it could be a unique product. The only worry that we have is the price, as last year’s point-and-shoot Galaxy Camera was $499 and a mirrorless camera would surely cost more. We’ll have to wait and see at Samsung’s event next week where they will reportedly announce this device. Would you guys want a mirrorless Galaxy Camera if it was released?

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