Samsung Shows Off Galaxy S 4 Zoom In 3 Minute Promo

The Samsung Galaxy S 4 Zoom is a very strange device. It’s a Galaxy S 4 Mini melded with a point and shoot on the back. Literally, it has a 10x zoom lens sticking out of the back of the phone. We call it strange now, but we’re sure it has its target audience. We once called the Note strange and ridiculous, and look at the sales figures. Maybe this will catch on, but who knows?

In the video, a woman runs around the city taking photos, while overlays show off features of the camera. It’s a nice way of showing off functionality, so we can’t say the video is in any way poorly made. Basically, the Galaxy S 4 Zoom acts a lot like a Galaxy Camera, with a lot of different modes and a smart mode that suggest modes to you. It also has a ring around the lens that allows you to adjust zoom and modes.

The S 4 Zoom is no high end device, with a 4.3 inch qHD display and a dual core processor, but its camera packs quite a punch. It has a 10x optical zoom lens, a 16MP BSI sensor, and optical image stabilization. While it’s hard to consider this just a “phone,” that’s really what it is, and that camera is amazing for a phone. And surprisingly, Samsung managed to keep it fairly slim.

So now that we’ve seen the device in action, we can’t wait to get our hands on it. Though it’s unconventional and weird, it should be given a fair chance. Would you ever buy one for yourself? Tell us in the comments!

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