Samsung’s Reliability Tests For The Galaxy S 4 Are Pretty Intense

Samsung may be making phones out of plastic, and some people may call them “cheap” and “flimsy,” but they would very wrong to do so. Samsung has a really intense testing procedure for their devices, and the procedure for the Galaxy S 4 has been shown off. This video is in Korean, so either skip the words or dare try YouTube’s closed captioning.

They drop it dozens of times at various angles, drop it at a distance high enough to shatter a mug, impact the display, heat it to boiling temperature, give it a salty sauna, test it with dust, and just dip it in water. And it’s meant to survive all of that. And it does, apparently. We didn’t expect so much from this device, but now, you really can’t say it’s cheap.

Tell us, are you impressed? With many phones shattering with one drop, and some phones denting easily, this performance is really impressive. Leave a comment with your thoughts!

Android Police

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