Sony SmartWatch Now Open To Hackers And Custom Firmware

Smart watches are blowing up in popularity right now, and new models are coming out left and right. But what about the established models? Sony’s own SmartWatch has been out for a while and has seen some popularity, so Sony is now doing something awesome to extend its life and usefulness: They’re opening it up to hackers and letting them mess with it.

Yes, their new “Open SmartWatch Project” will allow you to create new ROMs and flash them with the Device Firmware Upgrade (DFU) utility. They even created a SmartWatch Hacker Guide for people to get started. If this device gets a good dev community, it’ll just get better and better, and this is exactly what smart watches need to take off.

This is the latest in Sony’s long list of dev friendly actions, building on top of their other achievements like the Xperia Z AOSP repo. It’s great to see Sony being so developer friendly, but we just wish they would be that friendly to potential US customers. Bring your products here on time! Does this motivate you to get a Sony SmartWatch?

Sony Developer | XDA-Developers

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