T-Mobile Posts Support Docs For The Sony Xperia Z, More Proof It’s Coming

The Sony Xperia Z, Sony’s newest flagship, has unsurprisingly stayed away from US soil. Sony isn’t known for bringing their high end phones to the US in a timely manner. However, that doesn’t mean we don’t want them here. The Xperia Z is a pretty nice phone, and we’d love the option of buying it in the states. And lucky for us, the CEO of Sony said that it would come to the US soon.

He stated that he would let the carrier make their own announcement, but we had a suspicion of who would carry it. The Xperia Z has already gone through the FCC with T-Mobile bands, and we’ve seen leaked images of the device with a T-Mobile logo across the back. So what more proof do we need? How about this: T-Mobile has posted support documents for the Xperia Z on their site. They’re currently private and require a log in to view, but they’re there.

We may be very close to T-Mobile’s announcement of the device, considering that support docs are already up. They should just go ahead and announce it today, hot on the heels of the Samsung Galaxy S 4 Active announcement. We could use another waterproof and dust proof phone that isn’t a low end heap of rubber and plastic. So what do you think? Would you get an Xperia Z if it came to T-Mobile? Leave a comment!

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