T-Mobile Posts Video From Smartphone Underwater, Teasing Sony Xperia Z?

T-Mobile’s newest YouTube video seems a bit strange, until you understand its point. The video is of a man taking a video of himself with a phone, and suddenly jumping in a pool and coming back out. The video is titled “What if your smartphone could do this?” The video is shaky and has YouTube’s stabilization on, which means black bars are flopping everywhere. And worst of all, the video was taken in portrait. Portrait, I tell you! Oh the horror.

However, this extremely amateur video is actually a clever tease for the upcoming Sony Xperia Z, or so we assume. There are only two waterproof phones coming to the US soon, and those are the Xperia Z and the Galaxy S 4 Active. The Galaxy S 4 Active is said to be coming to AT&T, and there isn’t a single bit of proof that shows it could come to T-Mobile. However, there is plenty of evidence that the Xperia Z is coming.

The device passed through the FCC with T-Mobile bands, which aren’t quite standard global bands. A photo of it also leaked with T-Mobile branding on the back. And with Sony’s CEO announcing that it is coming to the US, and T-Mo posting support docs for it early, it’s pretty much a sure thing.

Inside info given to TmoNews says that there will be a joint press release on the 18th of June announcing the device, but the description of the video states that more info will be available tomorrow. We can’t wait to see what T-Mobile has in store for us, so keep your eye on DroidDog for more info! Would you buy an Xperia Z on T-Mobile?


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