Washington Post Poll Reveals 83% Of Americans View Google Favorably

The Washington Post conducted a poll with a thousand American adults through phone calls, be it over land lines or cell phones, asking them how they felt about certain companies. Unsurprisingly, 83% of people had a favorable view on Google. That’s a damn big number, but it probably has a lot to do with the “Don’t be evil” slogan in the company.

This compares to 72% of people thinking favorably of Apple, and 60% thinking favorably of Facebook. It’s a pretty huge difference, and a huge achievement too. Having more than 4/5 of people like a company seems nearly impossible to me. But we have to admit that Google does a lot of good for people. What do you think of Google? Are they a great company, or is there something you dislike? Leave a comment!

Washington Post | Droid-Life

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