Weekend Poll: What Do You Think Of The Influx Of High-End Rugged Phones?

Galaxy S4 Active (2)

Recently we’ve been in the middle of a new fad in the mobile industry with high-end device manufacturers releasing rugged devices that meet industry standards for water and dust protection.  Sony started it with the Xperia Z that will be coming to the US soon and recently, Samsung announced the Galaxy S 4 Active that you can pre-order now on AT&T.  We’re really glad to see more “rugged” phone options becoming available to us, especially with high-end specs.  Are these devices something you’re excited about?  Have you been waiting for rugged high-end phones?

So we decided to make this the topic of our weekend poll: What do you think of the influx of high-end rugged phones?

Let us know what you think by participating in our poll or commenting below.  I myself think the ruggedness is pretty cool, but I’ll be more impressed when a phone with exceptional drop protection is made without suffering in looks.  It seems like manufactures are definitely doing their best to head this way.  Have a great weekend everyone!

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