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Samsung Galaxy Note hitting Canadian shores in mid-February

The Samsung Galaxy Note has been getting a lot of press lately. During CES it became clear that the handset would be starting a world tour starting in the UK and then making its way through North America. Well, today we have good news for our neighbors up north. Looks like the 5.3-inch phoneblet will be hitting Canada in mid-February. According to Samsung… Read more

Kodak suing Samsung over IP infringement

Anyone else fed up with lawsuits yet? Well, we’re sorry, but we have another sad story for your consumption this morning. Yesterday, Kodak announced that it would be filing for Chapter 11 protection. For those that don’t know, Chapter 11 protection essentially allows a company to protect business centers that are generating money, and shed ones that are… Read more

Sony 2012 roadmap leaks; 12 devices before early Q4

Well, while many companies promised that they would decrease the number of releases to concentrate on the quality of the handsets they would be delivering in 2012, it looks like Sony didn’t get the memo. It may be due to poor earings, but whatever the case, Sony is about to make 2012 a really big year. Instead of going the quality over quantity route, they… Read more

Sony Ericcson reporting $317M loss in Q4 2011

Last year was a rough one for Sony. They ditched Ericsson toward the end of the year to try to bring all phone production in house but really, the bigger problem was that their showing in 2011, in relation to all the other major manufacturers like Samsung, HTC, and Motorola, were sub-par at best. Now, that story will definitely change soon and hopefully the… Read more

Each Kindle Fire generates $100+ in revenue for Amazon

Before the Kindle Fire was released, there were a lot of doubters. People that doubted the tablet’s ability to appeal to the masses. People that doubted that a forked version of Android would be viable. People that doubted Amazon’s ability to develop a proprietary market for app distribution. Well, look who’s eating their words now. It looks like an analyst… Read more

Nielsen reports Q4 numbers: Android on top and iOS gaining

Well the Q4 numbers are out and no one’s surprised. It looks like both Google’s Android and Apples iOS are gaining some traction in terms of market share. Android rushed in at about 46.5% which is a gain of 3 percentage points from Q3. iOS took silver with a gain of 2% up to 30% in Q4. Other OS, as predicted either saw extremely small gains (Windows Phone 7… Read more

Oracle says Google is pulling in $10 million a day from Android

Looks like Oracle has much to say about how much money Google is pulling from its brainchild Android, the OS that could. Currently, Oracle is in the midst of litigation with Google because of an IP infringement case revolving around Java. Oracle is seeking damages for Google infringing on what they call proprietary code. How much in damages? Well, that’s… Read more

Steve Wozniak goes on record: Android does things iPhone can’t

Uh oh, not all’s well over in Cupertino. It looks like Steve “Woz” Wozniak has gone on record to admit that there are a variety of features that he wishes were on his iPhone. “My primary phone is the iPhone; I love the beauty of it, but I wish it did all the things my Android does, I really do.” There you have it folks,  we finally have acknowledgement… Read more

NSA locks down Google’s Android for security

The National Security Agency (NSA) has announced that they are releasing an enhanced version of Google’s Android operating system. Who said that Android wasn’t secure? Well, probably the NSA. Their work on the OS dubbed “SE Android” (SE for Security Enhanced) revolved around bringing Mandatory Access Controls to Android’s Linux kernel. It would work to… Read more