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FCC Approves AT&T WCS Spectrum Order

The FCC has approved a wide array of spectrum that AT&T had acquired in the last few months. With this new approval, AT&T now has licenses covering 608 cellular market areas in the WCS (Wireless Cellular Service) and AWS (Advanced Wireless Service) spectrum. This accounts for 82% of the US population. The FCC approved the deal because it felt… Read more

Google Releases A Santa Tracker Of Its Own

It was both sad and confusing when NORAD decided to move its Santa Tracker off of Google Maps and onto Microsoft, but Google isn’t one to take rejection lightly. Google went out of its way and made its own Santa Tracker. It comes fully equipped with all types of information on Santa. There will be information on how many presents he has delivered,… Read more

HTC Butterfly Is Not Heading To Europe

The HTC Butterfly made its apperance on HTC’s site about 11 days ago, which made it seem like HTC was planning on releasing an international variant of the popular smartphone. Two versions of the HTC Butterfly have already been released; The HTC DROID DNA in the US and the HTC J Butterfly in Japan. Now it looks like HTC has no plans of releasing… Read more