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HTC M7 Housing Has Leaked – Confirms DROID DNA Like Design

The HTC M7 leaks just keep on coming. ETrade Supply is now selling the OEM housing and cover for the HTC M7 for $57.89. The front of the housing is made up of aluminum alloy. The back of the housing very much resembles the DROID DNA, but it lacks the metal ring around the camera. The inside of the HTC M7 housing also lacks a rubber gasket, so that… Read more

59% Of All Android Tablet Usage Comes From The U.S.

Research from an app analytics company called Localytics says that 59% of all Android tablet usage comes from the United States. Localytics’s statistics are based on the usage of apps that have Localytics’s analysis and marketing data included with them. That amounts to 500 million+ unique Android devices that run its software. Localytics breaks down… Read more

Some Alleged Photos Of The Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Have Leaked

Phone Arena has received a couple of leaked images showing off a Galaxy Tab 3 device a month ahead of schedule. It’s hard to tell which Galaxy Tab 3 device this is because the model ID is too blurry to identify. One thing that bothers me about this leaked image is that the model image seems to display vanilla Android rather than Samsung’s own… Read more

An Upcoming Google Chrome Feature Will Allow You To Sync Passwords Between Desktop And Android Devices

Google is getting ready to add a new feature to its Chrome web browser that will allow users to synchronize passwords between the Chrome browser on their desktop and the Chrome browser on their Android devices. This has been a long overdue feature that has been available for Chrome for iOS for a while now. Chrome’s development team has been discussing… Read more

T-Mobile Ran Out Of Nexus 4′s Again

It’s been only 2 days since T-Mobile refreshed its stock of Nexus 4′s, and now its supplies have been cleaned out. The T-Mobile has yet again listed the Nexus 4 as “out of stock”. They’ll probably have more in stock by mid-February when LG gets its act together, but when that happens, I would think that people would rather go to the Google Play store… Read more

The Samsung Galaxy Xcover 2 Has Been Officially Announced

Samsung has officially announced the Samsung Galaxy Xcover 2. The device will be shown off at the MWC in February, and is expected to launch sometime in March. The Xcover 2 is an entry level handset meant to target people who enjoy the outdoor lifestyle and want a sturdy smartphone device that can handle being roughed up a bit. The Xcover 2 is… Read more

Images Confirm That The Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 Will Have A S-Pen

New leaked images of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 show that it in fact does have S-Pen capabilities. These photos, which were leaked by Frandroid, shows that the previous leaked image of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 may in fact be the real deal. They also show that the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 will have more of a phone interface rather than a tablet… Read more