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The Design Of The HTC M7 Has Finally Been Revealed

The folks over at HTC Source have finally uncovered the true identity of the HTC M7. So far we’ve come across the new version of Sense, a leaked render of the device (which also looks nothing like the device), and several blurry cam shots. Multiple sources have confirmed that the above image is in fact the HTC M7. It follows the same leak that said… Read more

XBMC Releases A User-Friendly Build Of Its Android App

XBMC has just released the first user-friendly build of its Android app. It’s works with all Android smartphones version 2.3 and up. XBMC is a widely popular media player. It’s compatible with almost all of the most common audio and video formats and it lets you stream media onto many different devices. This update comes with a new user-friendly… Read more

Entry-Level Samsung Galaxy Xcover 2 Info Leaks

Samsung is going to announce the low-end Samsung Galaxy Xcover 2 at MWC in February. This smartphone is mainly for budget smartphone users who want a device that is both water and dust resistant. Durability is the main selling point of this phone. The Samsung Galaxy Xcover 2 will feature the following specs: 4-inch TFT 480 x 800 WVGA… Read more

LG Sells Over A Million LG Optimus G Smartphones

In about 4 months, the LG Optimus G has sold over 1 million units. Although it’s not as huge of a milestone as the Samsung Galaxy S III or even the Samsung Galaxy Note II, it’s still a huge accomplishment for LG. LG is gearing to release the LG Optimus G in China and Europe within this quarter, and hopefully that’ll help drive up sales. LG is… Read more

Samsung Is Getting Ready To Announce A 5.8-Inch Android Smartphone

According to SamMobile’s Samsung insider, Samsung is getting ready to announce a 5.8-inch Android smartphone, and no, it’s not the Samsung Galaxy S IV. At first, Samsung intended to only make a 5.8-inch Galaxy Player, but they changed their minds and decided to create a smartphone instead. Apparently the device will be called the Samsung Galaxy… Read more

Samsung May Announce The Next-Gen Galaxy Tab 7 At MWC

A newspaper in Korea released a story saying that Samsung will be announcing their next generation of Galaxy Tabs at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next month. It looks like the announcement will only be for its next gen of 7-inch tablets and not the 10.1-inch tablets. The new Galaxy Tab 7 will feature a full 1080p display as well as a… Read more