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Nexus One Black Silicon Case Review

I asked my viewers what they wanted and lots of them said they were interested in buying a case, so I went ahead and bought one to review for you guys. I got this case for $8.99 on sale (regular price = $14). I ordered it on Tuesday and it arrived at my doorstep on Thursday. I ordered this case from Direct link to… Read more

TweetsRide Review

TweetsRide (or TwitterRide) is a fairly old Twitter application, but it is one of my favorites so I thought I’d share it with all you DroidDog followers! :) Download TweetsRide… Read more

XDA Application Review

So finally came out with their own Android application the other day. I thought it was pretty nice so I thought I’d show you how it works! :) Phone set-up in this video: – Kspec theme – Swype Keyboard – Cyanogen… Read more

TweetCaster Update (1.5)

This is just a little update to the popular Twitter application, Tweetcaster. They have added the ability to customize tweet notifications and they have now added two widgets. Download the free ad-enabled version here. Download the paid ($4.99) ad-free version… Read more

Worlds Fastest Text on a Touch Screen Phone – Broken!

If you’ve ever seen Samsung’s ad for the Omnia® II™, then you’ve seen the time to beat for the world’s fastest text message sent (35.54 seconds). And if you were paying attention, you’d notice that the guy in the ad was using the Swype, software that allows you to trace a shape through the letters on the keyboard and it spells out your word for you…. Read more