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Revamped Hauwei Ascend P1 Hitting UK Store Shelves Soon

The Hauwei Ascend P1 has only just been made available in the UK, but sources are now reporting that the smartphone will be given a few hardware improvements as it makes a full-scale launch. Before the smartphone hits European stores, Huawei will be overhauling the hardware to give it a more “premium” feel. In addition, an extended 1,800mAh battery… Read more

Google’s Play Store Gift Cards To Launch August 26th

With Google Play Store gift cards already being sold, it’s safe to say that a full-scale launch isn’t far off. In fact, a recently leaked internal document for Target stores suggests that the elusive Play Store gift cards will launch on Sunday, August 26th. The document notifies employees to avoid bringing out Google’s cards from the backroom, and… Read more

Google Launches AOSP Support For Sony Xperia S

Google’s Jean-Baptiste Queru, who serves as prominent leader of the AOSP development team, began “an experiment” with the Sony Xperia S this week. The experiment is any developer’s dream come true. Google intends to work directly with the developer community to support the Xperia S through the AOSP in a way that’s similar to how Google works with… Read more

CyanogenMod 10 Nightlies Now Available For Select Devices

The CyanogenMod team has taken to Google+ to officially announce the impending availability of CM10 nightly builds for an array of devices. The newest iteration of CyanogenMod is based on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and features several enhancements and features not available in Google’s stock firmware. Initially, builds will be available for the following… Read more

Google Mobile Search Gets Updated, Brings Popular Card Interface To Your Mobile Browser

Since the release of Android 4.1, the folks from Mountain View have continued to iterate on their entirely-new informative Google Now “platform”. The card-like interface that is seen within the new Google Search and Google Now apps on Jelly Bean is now transitioning into the company’s other mobile offerings. Today, popular “interactive answer” cards… Read more

Sony LT29i Will Reportedly Launch As The Xperia TX

The Sony LT29i has been rumored for several months, but the new flagship phone has been left nameless until now. Sources familiar with the matter have confirmed that the Xperia GX-like variant will hit the market as the Sony Xperia TX.  The company’s new naming scheme positions the TX above its mid-range Xperia T (LT30p) handset. If past leaks are… Read more