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Samsung Chose Not To License Apple’s Patents In 2010

New information in the Apple V. Samsung trial suggests that Apple offered Samsung an opportunity to license some of its patents as far back as 2010, which could have kept the company out of its current legal trouble. The proposal would have allowed Samsung to pay a $30 fee for each smartphone it sold and $40 for each tablet. In addition, Apple was… Read more

Midnight Poll: Is Watching Videos On A Smartphone Realistic?

Now that Google has gone all-out and added Movies and TV shows to the Play Store, the media-centric content idea is becoming more and more apparent. Videos are an important aspect of Google’s content portfolio. Although, most people believe that a device under 5-inches just isn’t big enough to thoroughly enjoy videos on the go. Other than the… Read more

Horn Brings Next-Gen Graphics To Android Later This Month

Horn is Phosphor Games’ newest mobile title based on the Unreal Engine platform. The game features incredible HD graphics that seem to mimic other successful franchises like Infinity Blade. Unfortunately for Android fans, Infinity Blade is available only on iOS and EpicGames doesn’t have any plans to bring it Google’s platform anytime soon. This is… Read more

Study Shows Google’s Nexus 7 Commercial To Be More Effective Than Apple’s New Ad Series

If you’ve been tuning into the Olympics over the past week then you’ve most likely seen ads from both Google and Apple showing off their latest products. Google’s Nexus 7 campaign is based around a father and son sharing in the joy of using a Nexus 7 in the “wilderness” to make life significantly more enjoyable. On the contrary, Apple’s campaign is… Read more

Poll: How Would You Change The Nexus Q?

When Google unveiled the Nexus Q at its I/O conference in June developers wondered what exactly it was capable of. Apparently, Google themselves have come to wonder the same thing considering they’ve chosen to give out free units to customers who pre-ordered. As it sits, the Nexus Q is only able to stream your Google Play content from the cloud. This… Read more