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Apple Ordered To Pay Samsung’s Legal Fees In UK Dispute

Apple may have made nice with HTC, but their ongoing trouble with Samsung in the UK has them yet again back in the news. After posting an apology the Judge didn’t like, a rewritten apology was accepted, albeit pushed down on Apple’s webpage so it was out of view. That crafty maneuver has led a UK court to order Apple to pay all of Samsung’s legal… Read more

Apple, HTC Settle Patent Dispute With 10 Year Licensing Agreement

In a joint press release yesterday evening, Apple and HTC announced that a 10 year licensing agreement has been reached between the two warring parties. The agreement is good for around the world sales of both HTC and Apple devices and the deal includes a 10-year licensing agreement. The agreement, which is confidential was quickly described by HTC as… Read more

Motorola Changing Software Upgrade Preview Program, Introduces “Test Drive”

On the heels of the DROID RAZR M Android 4.1 Jelly Bean release comes an additional announcement from Motorola on their “soak tests.” Motorola’s current program, the “soak test” is a random selection of individuals that post on Motorola’s Support forums and are chosen based on their device. This new program, called “Test Drive,” will “allow… Read more

Judge To Review Claims Of Juror Misconduct In Samsung, Apple Trial

Judge Lucy Koh has agreed to “consider the questions” of whether jury foreman in the Apple, Samsung trial “concealed information” during the voir dire process. CNET reports that Koh will look into the matter during a December 6th hearing and as part of her inquiry, will require Apple to disclose what information they company’s lawyers knew… Read more

Deal Alert: RadioShack Coupon Knocks $20 Off Nexus 7 32GB

If you’re looking to score a deal on the newly launched 32GB edition of the Nexus 7, RadioShack might be the place to look. With a $20 coupon code slashing the price to $229, the Shack price appears to be the best deal around. The coupon also works on devices priced over $125, but the Nexus 7 32GB might be the best offer you can grab with this… Read more

HTC DROID DNA Passes Through The FCC On Its Way To Verizon

The DROID DNA cleared one more hurdle on its way to your open arms as it passed through the FCC sporting Verizon’s CDMA and LTE bands. While no announcement for the DROID DNA from either Verizon or HTC appears to be on the radar, we’re still hopeful this will land on store shelves before the Thanksgiving holiday. However, @evleaks, the tipster… Read more

Benchmark Tests Show Nexus 10 Graphics Trail The Newest iPad

There’s little question that the Nexus 10 and iPad 4, better known as the iPad Retina are the two “top” tablets in the market now spec wise. So how do these two tablet juggernauts stack up against each other? As it turns out, the iPad pretty much smokes the competition, including the Nexus 10 when it comes to a graphic showdown. The Mali-T604 and… Read more