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Apple Tablet Market Share Drops As Overall Tablet Sales Increase

While Samsung may have the edge in smartphone sales, when it comes to tablets, Apple has dominated since the release of the original iPad. However, the newest third quarter results from the IDC suggests Apple’s iPad market share was responsible for just over half of the 27.8 million shipments worldwide. The IDC attributes part of Apple’s slight drop off… Read more

Samsung Galaxy Premier Passes Through The FCC Sans LTE

Samsung’s Galaxy Premier just made its official cameo at the halls of the FCC, though the approval isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. While the Superior codename is confirmed via the FCC paperwork, so is the lack of US-based LTE bands that are arguably a big deal on any high-profile Android devices these days. Still, the availability of HSPA 3G… Read more

Clearer Image Of DROID DNA With Verizon Branding Leaked

Yes, this is absolutely the same image we saw just two days of the DROID DNA with Verizon branding courtesy of Twitter tipster @evleaks. Well, as a “weekend bonus” we were gifted with a clearer look at the same image by the @evleaks account. We’re still not learning much the second time around, but we do know the DROID DNA is formerly known as the… Read more

Samsung Stratosphere II Pictured On Its Way To Verizon

Courtesy of Twitter tipster @evleaks, we’re getting a brand new look at the upcoming Samsung Stratosphere II for Verizon. The successor to the original Stratosphere features a 5-row keyboard, 4G LTE, and Samsung’s TouchWiz interface. Unfortunately, the images don’t allow us to decide much else about the phone, including a street date and pricing. We… Read more

Samsung Announces Galaxy S III Sales Have Passed Thirty Million

Samsung’s certainly celebrating a big week with a second announcement featuring their “other” flagship device and its own sales milestone. Just two days after announcing sales of the Galaxy Note II passed 3 million, Samsung’s Poland Twitter account (the Tweet has since been removed) added some more good news for the Korean manufacturer as they announced… Read more

LG Optimus G, Sony Xperia TL Available Today On AT&T

AT&T fans take note as the carrier launches two notable smartphones today with the release of the LG Optimus G and Sony Xperia TL. The devices are available online and in stores, with pre-orders arriving at some point today as well. The LG Optimus G is similar to the recently announced Nexus 4 hardware and spec wise, featuring a 4.7″ display,… Read more